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Jerry the Bulldog

  Formed by acclaimed veteran Singer-Songwriter/Guitarist John Irizarry of Small Town Sheiks, Guitarist Kane Armistead, from the festival jam band, Half Jester, along with session musicians Bassist Randy Sutter and Drummer Larry Neumann.

  They came out of the box with their debut single, an Americana rocker called, "The Idle Hour".  The song begins, "There's a bar inside my Heaven they call The Idle Hour....." , and that's where the story starts.

  Irizarry's songwriting style has always been that of a storyteller.
 Maverick Magazine, the UK's leading Americana Magazine, praised John's work on his album "Songs for Parker" (with Small Town Sheiks), saying, "It leaves you utterly enthralled".
 Alt.Country Forum calls John's songs "Energetic, dynamic and intense" and "immediately distinct and recognizable."

  Now the interplay of all members of Jerry the Bulldog add new color to John's stories.

  Armistead's guitar style has a psychedelic spin that threads through the songs that is sometimes raw and cutting, and other times playfully ambient and light.

  Sutter on bass, creates distinctive counter melodies that glue the songs together.

  Neumann is a diverse stylist on drums. His contribution is in his ability to create dynamic rhythms to fit each songs direction.

  Their live show chemistry makes for righteous grooves for vital songs.

  "The Idle Hour" and more music by Jerry the Bulldog available to buy or stream at iTunes, amazon, spotify, pandora and elsewhere worldwide.
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